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I found that my best tool for Paper 2 was to read the set works until I knew them inside out and back to front. I started by familiarising myself with the plots and poems, then wrote notes in the margins and made links within and between works. For poetry, I learnt off the shorter poems so that I had a larger repertoire of quotes. Make sure you learn enough poets to have at least one, but preferably two on the day of the exam. When it comes to Shakespeare, I found that translating the text into modern English was a really good way of understanding it. No matter what comes up on the exam, make sure that you have prepared yourself as far as possible beforehand.

Read through the paper with a highlighter in hand and pick out important words in the questions. I really—I mean, I really —liked Joey. Shonka looked back at the screen, where the young man he felt might be the best quarterback in the country was marching his team up and down the field.

This is the quarterback problem. So how do we know whom to choose in cases like that? In recent years, a number of fields have begun to wrestle with this problem, but none with such profound social consequences as the profession of teaching. Suppose that Mrs. Brown and Mr. Smith both teach a classroom of third graders who score at the fiftieth percentile on math and reading tests on the first day of school, in September.

When the students are retested, in June, Mrs. Brown is as a teacher than Mr. A teacher is not solely responsible for how much is learned in a classroom, and not everything of value that a teacher imparts to his or her students can be captured on a standardized test.

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Teacher effects are also much stronger than class-size effects. And remember that a good teacher costs as much as an average one, whereas halving class size would require that you build twice as many classrooms and hire twice as many teachers. Hanushek recently did a back-of-the-envelope calculation about what even a rudimentary focus on teacher quality could mean for the United States. If you rank the countries of the world in terms of the academic performance of their schoolchildren, the U. According to Hanushek, the U. After years of worrying about issues like school funding levels, class size, and curriculum design, many reformers have come to the conclusion that nothing matters more than finding people with the potential to be great teachers.

The school system has a quarterback problem.

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It was a perfect evening for football: cloudless skies and a light fall breeze. For hours, fans had been tailgating in the parking lots around the stadium. Cars lined the roads leading to the university, many with fuzzy yellow-and-black Tiger tails hanging from their trunks. The Tigers were undefeated, and had a chance to become the No.

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Shonka made his way through the milling crowds and took a seat in the press box. Below him, the players on the field looked like pieces on a chessboard. The Tigers held the ball first. Chase Daniel stood a good seven yards behind his offensive line. He had five receivers, two to his left and three to his right, spaced from one side of the field to the other.

His linemen were widely spaced as well. In play after play, Daniel caught the snap from his center, planted his feet, and threw the ball in quick seven- and eight-yard diagonal passes to one of his five receivers. Daniel had been playing in the spread since high school; he was its master. Chase knows right away what they are going to do.

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It had always been hard to predict how a college quarterback would fare in the pros. The professional game was, simply, faster and more complicated. With the advent of the spread, though, the correspondence between the two levels of play had broken down almost entirely. The defenders in the pros are so much faster than their college counterparts that they would shoot through those big gaps in the offensive line and flatten the quarterback.

In the N. They would be all around him, from the start. The defense would no longer have to show its hand, because the field would not be so spread out. It could now disguise its intentions. As Shonka talked, Daniel was moving his team down the field. But he was almost always throwing those quick, diagonal passes.

Could he make that kind of throw? There was also the matter of his height. Six feet was fine in a spread system, where the big gaps in the offensive line gave Daniel plenty of opportunity to throw the ball and see downfield. But in the N. Can he be productive in a new kind of offense? How will he handle that? You know, like a throw twenty to twenty-five yards down the field. The game that they would play in the pros would also be different from the game they were playing in college, but the difference was merely one of degree.

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They had succeeded at Missouri because they were strong and fast and skilled, and these traits translate in kind to professional football. A college quarterback joining the N.


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Shonka began to talk about Tim Couch, the quarterback taken first in that legendary draft of Couch set every record imaginable in his years at the University of Kentucky. It was that the kind of accuracy required to do the job well could be measured only in a real N. Similarly, all quarterbacks drafted into the pros are required to take an I. The theory behind the test is that the pro game is so much more cognitively demanding than the college game that high intelligence should be a good predictor of success.

But when the economists David Berri and Rob Simmons analyzed the scores—which are routinely leaked to the press—they found that Wonderlic scores are all but useless as predictors. Of the five quarterbacks taken in round one of the draft, Donovan McNabb, the only one of the five with a shot at the Hall of Fame, had the lowest Wonderlic score.

And who else had I. Dan Marino and Terry Bradshaw, two of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the game. We now realize that being a good doctor requires the ability to communicate, listen, and empathize—and so there is increasing pressure on medical schools to pay attention to interpersonal skills as well as to test scores. In fact, Berri and Simmons found no connection between where a quarterback was taken in the draft—that is, how highly he was rated on the basis of his college performance—and how well he played in the pros.

The entire time that Chase Daniel was on the field against Oklahoma State, his backup, Chase Patton, stood on the sidelines, watching. In his four years at Missouri, up to that point, he had thrown a total of twenty-six passes. Maybe he looked good in practice. Maybe it was because this season in the N. It sounds absurd to put an athlete on the cover of a magazine for no particular reason. Picture a young preschool teacher, sitting on a classroom floor surrounded by seven children. He points to two little girls on the right side of the circle.

They are unusually active, leaning into the circle and reaching out to touch the book. And what distinguishes her from other teachers is that she flexibly allows the kids to move and point to the book. You need to be sitting still. The lesson continued. Pianta pointed out how the teacher managed to personalize the material. It was a key moment. Of all the teacher elements analyzed by the Virginia group, feedback—a direct, personal response by a teacher to a specific statement by a student—seems to be most closely linked to academic success.

Pianta showed another tape, of a nearly identical situation: a circle of pre-schoolers around a teacher. The lesson was about how we can tell when someone is happy or sad. The teacher began by acting out a short conversation between two hand puppets, Henrietta and Twiggle: Twiggle is sad until Henrietta shares some watermelon with him. And their eyes tell us.

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Look at my face. No, no, look at my face. Pianta stopped the tape. Now tell me what makes you sad. Oh, look, her face changed! And then you could have the kids practice, or something.