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How does music affect different areas of the brain? How can music be used to cure people of heart diseases? What is the role of music in advertising? How can musical improvisation be used to treat patients with mental disorders? How does background music affect attention and how can this knowledge be applied in schools? Do musical preferences of a person depend on his or her religious views?

Why do people with savant syndrome frequently demonstrate profound musical skills? What are the main features of folk music in a specific country? What are the origins of the blues?

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How did jazz music appear? What are the main features of this music style? What are the roots of the national anthem of your country? Get to Know Your Subject Area. Next, familiarize yourself with your subject area or areas. Build a Bibliography. An important part of getting to know a subject area is building a bibliography. Your bibliography is simply the list of sources you use in writing your paper.

So the process of building a bibliography and the process of getting to know your subject area will happen in tandem, and you will continue to expand your bibliography as you write your paper.

What Great Topic Ideas to Consider for Your Assignment

Select a Specific Topic. Most subjects are too broad to treat in a page research paper. As you work, you should limit yourself to a specific topic. Topics can be limited in one or more of the following ways, or others:.

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  6. Select a specific topic based on your interests and the information you are finding. You should select just one thing to write about, and let go of all the other interesting ideas you have developed along the way. Write down the limits of your topic. You should be able to describe your topic in one to four sentences.

    If not, you may be trying to do too much in one paper. Continue to build your bibliography. Figure Out What to Say Week 3. After you have hit upon a topic and become familiar with it, you really have to start thinking. You have to figure out what to say about it. There are two main kinds of writing in the field of music history: 1 writing that summarizes existing knowledge on a topic, like an encyclopedia article or a passage in a textbook, and 2 writing that states a thesis a main idea and presents an argument to support that thesis.


    Elements of Music

    The research paper assignment asks you to write a paper of the second type , not the first. Here you must try to come up with something to say about your topic--and again, say only one thing. You must say something. The rest of the discussion below is focused on figuring out what to say and how to argue for your thesis.

    General History of Music topics

    Formulate Your Thesis. This is the thesis of your essay.

    Research Paper Topics about the History of Music and Its Cultural Development

    A thesis is a one-sentence statement of your main point. The complete sentence says something, something that is specific and can be proven or disproven. The thesis is often the answer to some question that you have asked about the topic.

    Of all the millions of things you know about your subject, you may legitimately choose a thesis that addresses only one of them. Try to come up with reasons why you believe your thesis. That is, try to find arguments for what you believe. When you have some, write them down in a kind of list. At this point, go back to the books, articles, music, and whatever else you are using as sources for your paper.

    Music Education Research Paper

    Instead, look for more reasons to believe your thesis, bits of information that can serve as evidence to support your main point. Jot these down, and note where you found them.

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    You might also keep your eye out for reasons someone might NOT believe your thesis; you will need these later. And if any of them persuade you, you may want to revise your thesis to account for them.