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Deep melancholy would be putting it mildly. By midmorning, I was working on the….

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Edited by Matthew Burgess, Spellbound offers a range of exciting ideas to inspire students of all ages to explore their potential as writers and creators. Why Voice? When I was a young…. Consider the importance of evidence and action as the next steps of a protest. Expand protest signs to serve as pillars of an imaginary election campaign or use protest signs as an inspiration for a short piece of fiction…. I dealt with this resistance in a variety of ways, including reaching into other disciplines to bring in vocabulary words for review and practice in poetic form….

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Students may use search engines on their devices, a classroom computer, or, if a more analog strategy is desired, any nearby books that…. Reading Texts as a Prelude to Analysis Lesson Plans July 22, by Jason DeHart As a teacher in an undergraduate composition course for incoming freshmen, one of the great joys I have experienced is setting the stage for analytical writing with a variety of reading experiences.

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Note: this page carries ads that may not be appropriate for the classroom. The Word Challenge In this activity students respond to a prompt using not more than words. Writing is posted on a class blog, where responses are invited.

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The activity encourages regular writing for an authentic audience. It's designed for students 16 and under. Adding Emotions to your Story A good lesson on adding detail, "exploding" an incident, and "show, don't tell. After the First Draft: 30 Fast, Easy Writing Tips for the Second Draft This page document is designed for writers of novels, but many of the tips apply equally to writers of short stories.

Clear, simple, and easy to read, appropriate for 5th or 6th grade in places and up.

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Adobe Reader required for access. All Together Now: Collaborations in Poetry Writing Students write a line of poetry in response to something the teacher reads. Their lines, together, form a poem. This unit is designed for grades K Bernadette Mayer's List of Journal Ideas A list of journal topics that will work on multiple grade levels.

Scroll down for a list of "Writing Experiments" that will work well in a creative writing unit. This short video explores the question "What happens when a book comes to life? By the Old Mill Stream A creative writing prompt, differentiated for elementary and middle and high school students.

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  • Students begin writing a narrative. In the second part of the prompt, they write a description. Can You Haiku?

    Character Name Generator Choose ethnicity, decade of birth, and gender, and this site will generate an appropriate name and a possible character description. Characterization in Literature and Theater Students explore various methods authors use to create effective characters. Students will consider what makes a character believable and create their own characterizations.

    They will also write a short script using the characters they created and act out the script.

    The Clues to a Great Story One-page handout with 5 essential elements for good storytelling. Uses "The Ugly Duckling" and more contemporary stories for examples.