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For instance, entrepreneurial universities and corporation universities have emerged through the impact of globalization.

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The main objectives of this chapter are to examine the significance of globalization and innovation on the evolution of higher education in Oman and to explore the readiness of universities to embark on a second academic revolution in transforming traditional teaching universities into entrepreneurial universities by introducing the triple helix model of innovation. The chapter is to study the entrepreneurial environment in higher education by reviewing the legislation, post-basic education, entrepreneurship education in the school curriculum, entrepreneurship education in the vocational training curricula, Business Simulation Centers BSCs , national and regional milieu, and existing support structures and clusters for practicing entrepreneurship education in Oman.

The current study is conceptual, and the approach consists of formulating proposals and definitions based on an extensive literature review.

It has been concluded that based on the overview of the triple helix model from a neo-institutional perspective, the external forces provide a favorable environment for the initiation of entrepreneurial universities in Oman. There are many elements of the triple helix model which are now present in Oman, and the environment is propitious for the establishment of entrepreneurial universities. Cultural globalization and local identity are two indivisible words. There is a crucial debate whether cultural globalization thrives or deteriorates local identity. The main objective of this chapter is to justify whether cultural globalization is a threat to local identity.

This study used a qualitative interpretive meta-synthesis QIMS that reviews literature on cultural globalization in the developing economies. Results showed that in many countries especially in the developing one, cultural globalization has emerged as a threat to local identity. As a result, these countries perceive a number of socioeconomic, cultural, and psychological problems such as poverty and social inequality, erasure of local cultures and heritages, regional disparity, and lack of development ownership. Many of these aspects are closely related with the threat to local identity.

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This chapter argues that there are many benefits of globalization, but the vast negative consequences are related with the scope of local identity such as cultural dislocation and displacement, cultural realm, breaking cultural autonomy, diffuse cultural traits, and destruction of local traditions and occupations. The finding would be useful to development thinkers, policymakers, and cultural activists.

Rezaul Islam, Haris Abd. Undoubtedly globalization is taking place at a rapid pace all over the world. Specifically, this chapter attempts to examine the relationship between the subindices of social globalization and consumer life satisfaction. The main purpose of this study is to examine whether a specific subcomponent of social globalization, namely, television viewing, is reflected in life satisfaction of individuals.

This study adopts and uses the gratification theory to understand the gratification sought and obtained by adult consumers when watching various international television genres. Since the power of media mobilizes consumers to have connections with the world through television, this process creates the perception among people that they are global citizens.

This study argues that individuals who watch certain foreign TV genres, as a means to perceive themselves as global citizens, tend to be more satisfied with their lives. The study was undertaken in Malaysia, a multi-ethnic and fast-growing economy. A survey was conducted among adult TV consumers.

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The results indicated that adult consumers who spend time watching specific TV genres tend to be more content with their lives. Although this study has shed light onto some implications of television viewing and life satisfaction of adults, a few limitations exist and are further discussed in this chapter. Globalization is the process of interconnection of the world. Latin America embraces cultures and territories of different nations.

Therefore, these countries are connected in multidimensional way since the s, which is the initiation time of globalization of Latin America.

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  • The components of multidimensionality include language, religion, culture, eating habit, sports, trade, etc. The positive effects of globalization include trade, production, labour market, and demographic improvement, while the negative effects comprise of divergence of communities, increased transitional, cross-border and rural—urban migration, and infrastructural deficit. However, in recent times, Latin America has been facing the reduction of the benefit of globalization for various reasons. This backwardness can be mitigated by filling up the gap between policy formulation and that of implementation.

    A snapshot of globalization of Latin America is described in the rest of the chapter. In a constantly changing global competitive world, it is crucial for organizations to understand their proper role. The global business environment has increased in complex trades between players as boundaries break down.

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    In order to obtain competitive advantages from this environment, managers simply assume that their organization needs to go global. But these misconceptions and narrow views about globalization can lead managers to seek something that they do not really know what it is. Based on a theoretic review, an attempt has been made to show a snapshot of the subject through a systematic mapping study. Title Globalization and Development. Publisher Springer International Publishing. Print ISBN Electronic ISBN Editor: Prof.

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    • Learn write research papers global issues of senior. Entrusted performers. Instead, transformations are often underway that have never been seen elsewhere before, a result of stimulation from newly introduced flow processes. Democracy is a typical example of this, in that while countries implement the same system of representative democracy, there is great variation in how democracy functions in the different countries.

      For regional studies focusing on developing countries, it is a valuable frame of reference to focus on the unique and peculiar things that emerge through close links with the rest of the world, rather than those that emerge from being separate from it. It is likely that using this perspective, regional studies looking into the peculiarities of different countries will be able to break the mold of narrow, one-country research and present wider findings.

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