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Acknowledgement for phd thesis example india. Cara membuat curriculum vitae dengan benar. Ford foundation dissertation fellowship sample essays.

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Fill out the order form at the top of the screen , send us an e-mail, or give us a call. Be prepared to answer these following questions:. TWO day and overnight papers are quoted higher. OPTIONAL Meet one of our writers to look over credentials , look over previous projects our writers have worked on, and get a sense of what our Ivy League educated writer has already done, and what he or she can do for you. If you choose to skip step 3, we will communicate through the power of e-mail and instant messenger.

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Once you approve the writing style, substance and quality which is of the utmost! In the case of online payment, the exchange would work like this:. Payment 3: 25 Dollars, paid. Fourth 2.

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Entire paper sent as Word document. I majored in art history at college, and after graduation, I found myself bouncing from retail jobs to temp work. Every day, I loafed about in bed. Reading my friends' Facebook statuses about finishing law school and starting their dream jobs, I wondered if I should ever leave my house. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life or if I even possessed any skills someone could pay me to use—at least I didn't know until my friend told me I could reap in a cash bonanza forging wealthy Asian students' college essays.

Each ghostwriting session starts with a daylong interview. I pry into every intimate corner of a client's life: her family history, financial background, and childhood secrets. Then I try to pinpoint one relatable thread of pain or humanity, which I can make the focal point of an essay attached to a larger universal theme, like empathy or humility.

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  5. For example, one girl—let's call her Wei—always wondered why her parents looked so much happier in their old photographs. She assumed they looked miserable because they had never wanted a child, let alone a female child, but as she grew older, she noticed her parents worked long hours to support her. Their smiles had become worry lines because they had decided to sacrifice themselves for their daughter. With this knowledge, Wei realized that love comes in many shapes and sizes. Of course, by sacrifice and long hours, I mean that her parents owned a multi-million dollar company.

    Wei regularly enjoyed spa getaways with her mother as her father traveled, closing massive deals, but Wei mentioned she had seen photos where her parents looked happier—I could use this moment in an essay to show a sliver of introspection.

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    Did I fabricate some details? Did the story sound like a greeting card? But most importantly, did she get into her top-choice school? Hell yes she did. Like most black market workers, I picked up my payment at designated pick-up locations at malls and in Starbucks. Sunglasses and a trench coat weren't required, but with every nondescript envelope of payment, I swallowed my ethical misgivings.

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    I knew for every wealthy Chinese client I helped, there were a dozen struggling natives who needed as much of a helping hand. Of course, I didn't have time for moral quandaries. As my name became more popular, I found myself with more clients than I had time to help. I couldn't interview all of them, so I needed to find a way to produce essays faster. My solution: writing about my own intimate experiences.

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    One December evening, I used one of my most embarrassing moments as the basis for an essay for a year-old Chinese girl who had never desired something she could not afford. The event happened shortly after my father abandoned my family when I was a kid, leaving us broke.

    Our water and lights were turned off, and my mom was working multiple jobs to support us. Since we lacked utilities, my mother washed our laundry at the local Laundromat.

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    One day, she left our laundry at the Laundromat while she went to finish errands. When she returned, she discovered that someone had stolen our clothes from the washer.